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Create a fully customized mobile apps with any content you want! Music, Videos, Audio and Photos.

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Create a fully customized eBooks with payment gateways integrated with your ebooks along with multimedia Music, Videos, Audio and Photos.

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Sell on Facebook! With the rise of shoppers armed with mobile devices, don't miss out.

Who are we?

Skyline Apps is a technology firm which is working to help businesses reap the benefits and rewards the latest technology revolution. We will migrate, maintain and support your data and applications on the world’s most trusted internet company - Google.

As a partner of the world’s biggest internet company – Google, we believe Entrepreneurs and Business Executives should be able to realize savings in their IT infrastructure by utilizing the vast capabilities of the Google cloud solutions. This will free up its IT departments on providing more efficient means of administering a company’s communications rather than to trouble shoot time consuming inefficient email servers and virus malware.

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Free analysis of your current IT infrastructure and the proposed cost savings by implementing a cloud based solution. If your cost savings are not realized within one year, we will refund all of our fees!!

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Skyline Apps, inc
633 5th Street, 28th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90017
Email: info@skylineapps.com

IT Phone Line:
(310) 579-2387

Customer Service:
(213) 538-8903

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