About Us

Skyline Apps is a technology firm which is working to help businesses reap the benefits and rewards the latest technology revolution. We will migrate, maintain and support your data and applications on the world’s most trusted internet company - Google. As a partner of the world’s biggest internet company – Google, we believe Entrepreneurs and Business Executives should be able to realize savings in their IT infrastructure by utilizing the vast capabilities of the Google cloud solutions. This will free up its IT departments on providing more efficient means of administering a company’s communications rather than to trouble shoot time consuming inefficient email servers and virus malware.

Why Move To The Cloud?

Cloud computing provides instant access to your data and documents from anywhere on any type of device such as your laptop or mobile phone. Data security and integrity is provided for each document access. GEO-Redundancy, each data site is built to the highest resilience and redundancy standards and is fully backed up by another similar site in another state. No backups to be concerned with. Regulatory, SEC e-mail journaling are also available through Postini – a world class email archiving company and subsidiary of Google. No more on-site server hardware purchase or maintenance is required. Our solution offers malware, antivirus, spam filtering and Enterprise level e-mail functionality and interoperability. With as totally flexible model there is no need to be concerned with Disaster Recovery. Using virtualization technology we can migrate your in-house developed proprietary systems to the Cloud, which will save you dramatic amounts over traditional in-house platforms.

Let Skyline Apps help you reach the clouds. Everything looks good from here!!