Business to Business

Skyline Apps Mobile Solutions is a U.S. Patent Pending solution that includes an extensive suite of applications called Skyline Application Suite for businesses, groups, or any administrator to communicate, coordinate, and elaborate concurrently in real time. .

With Skyline Application Suite, businesses no longer will need to buy and maintain expensive MS Exchange server certificates & hardware, anti-virus, anti-spam, or other Malware software. Skyline Application Suite has the total solution that provides complete email solutions including all anti-spam, anti-virus, and Malware to keep your company’s email service up 99.99%. Because of our proprietary software solutions and scalability, businesses experience tremendous savings over similar enterprise solutions. Based on our customers’ experiences, the average savings of using Skyline Application Suite was a staggering $220.00 per user annually.

Safety and security is the highest concern in designing Skyline Application Suite. As such, we have chosen the largest Cloud computing company in the world as our partner. Skyline Application Suite stores and maintains applications and files on proprietary servers with Google.

Best of all our Skyline Mobility Solutions include Skyline Application Suite for business managers to administer everything from communications to calendaring to event notifications to GPS tracking of users/field representatives and more on their mobile phones or devices.