Business to Customer

Consumers today are very sophisticated. As such, getting information to your customers is more important than ever. Think of how many more sales your company could gain if you were able to present your product information to your prospects before your competitors! Now, think of how many sales you may have lost because your competitors were able to inform your prospects before you.

As the digital age is evolving, many consumers are relying on their smart phones to get information for their buying decisions. iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and many other smart phones with fast Internet browsing speeds are capturing consumers' attentions. Many Fortune 500 companies have already embraced mobile phone applications to get information to their customers. Welcome to the new world of Mobility!

Skyline Apps Mobile Solutions developed an exciting new U.S. Patent Pending technology that will give your business the ability drive greater sales by staying connected to your prospects and customers. With Skyline Apps “Mobile Solutions”, you can now easily design, build and maintain your own mobile applications that your customers can download to virtually any smart phone. It's now possible to communicate with your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Using Skyline Mobile Solutions means being with your customers everywhere they go. Imagine being able to notify customers of a sales event, show them new videos for products and services, or simply set an appointment or make a reservation, Skyline Mobile Solutions allows businesses to showcase their companies in ways other traditional marketing media cannot match. From being able to order your products and services from their smart phone to offering your customers special discounts and mobile coupons, Skyline Mobile Solutions is incredibly powerful as well as fully customizable.

Skyline Mobile Solutions also provides our customers with an entire suite of business applications, powered by Google. By utilizing Internet, now known as Cloud based computing, businesses can greatly enhance their productivity by using their phones to access important Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and PDF files. Skyline Mobile Solutions also allows users to sync their company calendars, notify designated team members of events, and utilize GPS tracking to locate team members in real time on a map. With new applications added on an ongoing basis, Skyline Mobile Solutions is dedicated to providing the most innovative applications for businesses. Skyline Mobile Solutions' U.S. Patent Pending technology allows users to update their websites, mobile sites, and mobile applications from one platform. Businesses no longer have to hire expensive IT experts to make changes to their websites or their mobile applications. All it takes to get started is a website and Internet access. No website, no problem, our team of web technologists can help you build any type of website, from basic to sophisticated. Would you like to see more about how Skyline Mobile Solutions works? Please click on the link below for additional details on using Skyline Mobile Solutions.