Setup Google Apps for your business for free

Sky Line Apps provide free setup* to the best tools available for collaboration and communication to your business. Google Apps brings familiar, powerful communication and collaboration tools to business and organizations. With Google Apps, users can use applications such as Gmail webmail service, Google Talk instant messaging service, Google Calendar calendaring service, Google Docs program, Google Sites web application, and Google Video for business on their own domain to work together more effectively.


Key Features of Google Apps for Your Business

  • Each employee gets 25 GB (that's unthinkable for Outlook!) for email storage, so they can keep important messages and find them instantly with built-in Google search.
  • Gmail includes spam filtering that is so good you may need never worry about your staff wasting valuable time sifting through their mail ever again.
  • Google migration tools make the switch from Outlook and Exchange to Gmail a snap.
  • Frustrated trying to find a message in Outlook? Gmail instant mail search is the answer you've been looking. If you're tired of digging through folders to find that important message, Gmail search bringing the power of Google search to your mail.
  • Gmail works offline too! According to Gmail is now the best mail program ever. says "Gmail has reached perfection: You no longer have to be online to read or write messages".
  • Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets and Google Presentations are compatible with Microsoft document formats. Reduce your Office Productivity suite costs by up to 75% with Google Apps.
  • Google Apps can be integrated into your existing business application and even your website through rich APIs.
  • 99.9% uptime reliability guarantee means your employees are more productive so you can worry less about system downtime.
  • Helpful 24/7 customer support is available for administrators should you need it.



We Make it Easy for Your Business to Start Using Google Apps

Sky Line Apps makes it easy for your business to start using Google Apps without requiring dedicated information technology staff. Sky Line Apps offers the following services in support of your Google Apps Deployment:

  • Turnkey Deployment: You don't need to lift a finger or read any user manuals. We setup the system, migrate your email, contacts and other data, train your people and hand over the keys.
  • Mobile and Smart Phone Setup: Need to bring your email, calendar and contacts with you on your cell phone or mobile device? Cables and synchronization software giving you a headache? No problem, we setup your Blackberry, iPhone or Google Android Phone to synchronize your data with Google Apps email, calendar and contacts "over-the-air" without ever having to plug phones into computers.
  • Deployment Tailored to Your Business: Some organizations are often not able to simply flip the switch on business critical technologies like email. When was the last time you migrated email platforms? We assure you the move to Google Apps will be your last. When new and old technologies must coexist the deployments must be rolled out in stages. Sky Line Apps understands this process and helps larger organizations move some or all of their users to Google Apps with proper deployment planning and integration strategies.
  • Online Document Publishing: Ever wish that you could publish your documents, spreadsheets or presentations to your website with a couple clicks? Sky Line Apps makes it easy by training your users in the effective use of Google Docs.
  • Video Storage and Online Publishing: Sky Line Apps assists your business in harnessing the power of online video using the Google Video component of Google Apps. Google gives you the best tools to organize your valuable corporate training and promotional.
  • Enterprise Integration: Multi-location organizations with many servers and resources require advanced integration functionality such as Single Sign-On, LDAP Integration and Provisioning Automation. Sky Line Apps can provide consulting and execution for these type of projects as they relate to Google Apps.

You Rely on Email to Be Accessible & Secure

We understand you rely on your email system to be both accessible and secure and you may be very skeptical of moving your email into the Google "cloud". You may be wondering whether migrating to Google Apps is a responsible next step for your company's email server. Ask yourself this question: Do you trust your hosting company, your IT staff or cousin who runs your email from his basement? Consider how much value a $100+ billion dollar company with leading-edge data-centers all over the global that's is continually advancing and improving email and online services can save you each year.

Google Apps Connector for Blackberry Smart Phones

Experience the benefits of Google Apps on your BlackBerry. Integrate the Google Apps messaging suite with BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), letting mobile users connect to built-in BlackBerry apps for Google Apps email, calendar, and contacts.

Google Apps Gmail and your Gmail personal account on your Blackberry

Download the free Gmail for mobile application, at from your BlackBerry web browser. Launch the application with the red "M" icon from your BlackBerry home screen or from the applications folder. If you also have a personal account, you can add it to this application so you can access both personal Gmail and your Sky Line Apps supported Google Apps email accounts from the same place.

Sync Google Calendar and your Blackberry Calendar

Automatically sync information in Google Calendar with your BlackBerry calendar over-the-air without ever having to connect with USB again! Whether you add new appointments from your phone or from your computer, you always have access to your up-to-date schedule. Download and install Google Sync for free, by visiting from your BlackBerry web browser.

GMail Contacts

Google Sync now offers over-the-air two-way synchronization between your BlackBerry's built-in address book and your Google Apps contacts automatically. To use Google Sync or upgrade from the older version, visit from your BlackBerry browser.

Google Talk for Blackberry

Use the Google Talk Instant Message application that lets you see who's online and instant message with contacts from your BlackBerry. Fownload and install Google Talk for free, by visiting from your BlackBerry web browser. Then, launch the application with the Google Talk icon ( from your BlackBerry home screen or from the applications folder.

Who's Running Google Apps in Their Business?

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